How to be Happy… The Disney Way

That feeling you get when you turn the corner and see the castle in Magic Kingdom for the first time (or 100th time) is pretty magical, right? That to me, is pure happiness. But somehow, I manage to channel that magical feeling no matter where I am, almost all the time. So many of you … Continue reading How to be Happy… The Disney Way


21 Things I’m Looking Forward to on My DCP!!

Hello!! Guess who's 21 now?!?! My 21st birthday was yesterday and I had such a fun day! Even though I wasn't drinking around the World Showcase in Epcot, it was honestly a blast. So because my DCP is right around the corner and I just turned 21, what better way to celebrate than with a … Continue reading 21 Things I’m Looking Forward to on My DCP!!

DCP Bucket List

Happy Monday, dreamers! I've just been counting down the days until I start my Disney College Program which means I am also in full preparation mode. With so much going on during the program, full access to the parks, and living IN Disney for 3 1/2 months, I want to take full advantage of everything. … Continue reading DCP Bucket List

DCP Phone Interview + 5 Tips

Hello, again! This is my third and last post in this series about the DCP Application Process.┬áThe last step is the Phone Interview, so if you've gotten this far, congratulations! This is a generic phone interview, like every other job. After you pass the WBI, you get to schedule a PI! I scheduled mine for … Continue reading DCP Phone Interview + 5 Tips

DCP WBI + 5 Tips

Hello, my friends! This is my second blog post in this series about the DCP Application Process. Hopefully this post gives you a better understanding of the WBI and what it's like. I also have 5 tips for the WBI so be sure to keep those in mind while taking it! If your application passes, … Continue reading DCP WBI + 5 Tips