Welcome to Happily Ever Danielle!

I’m Danielle and I’m totally in love with fairy tales and anything happy! You can find me whistling while I work, wishing upon a star, and living by “Hakuna Matata.” I’m 20 years old, from Rochester, NY and studying to become a princess (if only that were true).

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I’m no expert, but I want to bring some pixie dust into your everyday lives by sharing with you all that makes me happy, which is usually Disney—every aspect of it! Because if you haven’t already figured out, I adore Disney!

But you can also find me sharing my thoughts about clothes I think are adorable, cute places I travel to, and treats I think are delightful—like mickey cake pops, salted caramel lattes, and anything chocolate! And also be prepared for pictures, because I love taking them and posting them!

On this site, you can find me blogging about all of these wonderful things! A new post goes up every Monday morning and you can check out my Blog Posts here! Be sure to subscribe to my blog at the bottom of this page if you want to be notified when a new one goes up!

If you want to hear a little bit more about me, you can check out my About Page!

I’m so happy you stopped by and on that note, to all who come to this happy place, Welcome!